ERIN HINZ: FOREVER STAINED WITH SUNSHINE (October 30th - November 22nd, 2015)


The paintings in this series explore how the psyche, the body and culture shape each other. Using iconography and a palette intended to reference a decidedly feminine sensibility, the work explores how culturally constructed expressions of gender are internalized, becoming both a source of comfort and discomfort. In the paintings, perfectly toned bodies are torn apart and reassembled into seamless configurations that represent the craving for perfection, and the reconciliation between irrationality and the compulsion of this desire. The rapturous states of the bodies, afloat in paradisiacal scenes, imitate a yearning for vindication, contentment and the longing inherent in self-objectification.  

Curated by Hills Snyder


Erin Hinz is an artist based in NYC. She holds an MFA in painting with a minor in gender studies from the University of Notre Dame, an MA in art from the University of Eastern Illinois and a BFA in painting from the Kansas City Art Institute. She has exhibited broadly including New York City, Chicago, Dallas and Houston. She is currently a resident at Chashama Workspace Program in Brooklyn, NY.  

Image: Forever Stained with Sunshine (2015); oil on canvas; 50 x 60 inches


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