Sept 9 - Oct 15th, 2016

Opening Reception: Friday October 9, 6PM


Recreational Modernism is a series of sculptures that celebrate the formal nuances and conceptual potential of objects and materials often tucked away in garages, found on the shelves of sporting goods stores or loaded in the bed of a truck for a weekend vacation. Exploring Modernist tendencies through a rural working class perspective, the work challenges perceived notions of value and hierarchies imposed on objects of “high” and “low” culture. Like a miner panning for gold, I sift through my environment with a playful but discerning eye, finding beauty, humor, poetry and value in the sediment of everyday life.

- Buster Graybill, 2016


Buster Graybill is an Assistant Professor at The University of Texas at San Antonio in the Department of Art and Art History. He utilizes sculpture, installation, video and photography to traverse cultural boundaries and reconnect with often overlooked objects, materials and places found in the rural landscape. Graybill has exhibited throughout Texas, as well as in Boston, Miami, New York, and Guanajuato, Mexico. He is an alumnus of the Skowhegan Artist Residency and the Artpace International Artist-In-Residence program, as well as a recipient of grants from the Artist Foundation of San Antonio and the Idea Fund, a program of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.