July 23 - August 20th, 2016


Dislocated from both time and space, my latest series of drawings explore the false barriers and flimsy structures that create mental distance between human beings and nature. In Vacancy, I am the architect of a fake utopian commune of trailer homes inspired by conversations with a wide range of people: a willing victim of wanderlust, a doctor of philosophy, an aeronautical engineer and an entrepreneur/mother, among others. Each abode is designed with one of these people in mind. Dense layers of graphite frame colorful gouache edifices in a theatrical stacking of the familiar and imagined—an attempt to capture wonderment through the imitation of landscape. Alien and grand in their bareness, the results appear collaged, lifting unremarkable constructions into nostalgically flamboyant advertisements for the future/past.   



Originally from the Chicago area, Sara Frantz received her BS from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and her MFA in Painting from the University of Texas at Austin. Between 2007 and 2014, she taught painting and drawing at both the University of Texas at Austin & San Antonio. In 2013, she received the Graham Weston Award for Visual Arts from the Artist Foundation of San Antonio. Recent exhibitions include Women & Their Work (Austin), David Shelton Gallery (Houston) and Muriel Guepin Gallery (New York). Frantz currently splits her time between Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo, where she is Assistant Professor of Studio Art in California Polytechnic State University’s Art & Design Department.