AUGUST 10 - SEPTEMBER 14, 2018



Corporeal Landscapes is an exploration of space with regard to the body. Site-specific installations and performances that manipulate audience perspectives of the contemporary landscape as augmented precepts act as points of engagement, dictating how the audience moves through space. Corporeal Landscapes is produced through equal parts research, narrative devices, mysticism and experimentation.  



Jared Flores “A lot of my work tends to thrive on spontaneity, whether it be in bands, collaborations or me just sitting in a room with some instruments. Throwing myself constantly at things I don’t understand in order to make myself uncomfortable is my greatest way to learn. It is in better terms adaptation and willingness to learn from my environments and relationships with people. Pushing myself to learn more about most things.”

Nicole Geary “My artwork operates on the structured methodologies that connect geological theories to the concept of memory, and tie the emotional realm to the scientific. I look for ways in which the earth’s history reflects itself and its characteristics, like that of the human body, into layers and in fossils. These deep records tell us stories about ourselves, and the connection that we share with our landscapes.  Responding to place and the environment around me, my practice is imbued with the process of scientific investigation, which thrives on inquiry, collection of data and analyzation. My work as a printmaker and a sculptor has been shaped by the concept of deep time, and a combination of interests including geological formations, stratigraphy and the body. My research activities include feminist art and labor, heterotopias, space and uniformitarianism as it applies to human memory.”

Barbara Miñarro was born in Monterrey, Mexico, and currently lives and works in San Antonio, Texas. As an artist influenced by—and making a life between—two cultures, Miñarro’s work explores ideas of the body in migration. Her soft sculptures, installations and paintings utilize the tactile memory of clothing, the earth and the physical body to express the emotional journey of immigration. Miñarro was recently selected to participate in the 2018 CAM Perennial at Artpace. Later this fall she will have a solo exhibition at Sweet Briar College in Virginia. 

Veronica Anne Salinas is an intermedia artist and writer. Her practice explores soundscapes, performance, improvisation, installation, field recordings, electronics and writing with themes of feminist and Latina identity, ritual, mysticism, landscape/cityscape and fairy tales. She is an MFA candidate in the sound program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 


Homebase is an interdisciplinary event series curated by Rebekah Hurst and Jacob Bissell. Established as a pop-up gallery in 2017, Homebase hosts exhibitions at various venues around San Antonio, showcasing works by new, emerging and established artists. In each exhibition, Homebase invites two new media and two artists based in experimental sound practices to create site-specific installations and performances, providing a platform for art that is not readily commodifiable. 

Image: Bárbara Miñarro, Firme Aquí, Reclaimed newspaper (from Monterrey, MX, McAllen, TX, & San Antonio, TX), jeans and t-shirts

Photo by Chris Castillo


Save the date for the following events and workshops associated with the exhibition Corporeal Landscapes, all of which take place in Sala Diaz’ spacious back yard. Please RSVP to homebasesatx@gmail.com


*Space is limited to 15 participants. Please RSVP at your earliest convenience



Sala Diaz, a 501(c) 3 exhibition space, is an experimental venue for contemporary art established in 1995. Located in the heart of the Cultural Arts District, Sala Diaz provides a unique venue for the exhibition of new and challenging work and fosters lasting exchange between our city and creative communities abroad. Housed in the same residential structure as the gallery, The Casa Chuck Residency is an invitational program through which Sala Diaz provides critics, curators and writers a haven for varied creative pursuits. Initiated in 2011, the residency honors the legacy of visionary artist, arts advocate, cultural maven and bon vivant Chuck Ramirez who died the previous year. Official residents spend one month living in Ramirez’ former abode, exploring and interacting with the surrounding arts community. Sala/Casa hosts a wide variety of arts professionals in-between residencies including critics, curators, musicians, scholars and visual artists.

Sala Diaz is supported by H-E-B's Community Investment Program, The Flohr Family Foundation, The Lifschutz Foundation, The John L. Santikos Charitable Foundation Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation, The Smothers Foundation and numerous individuals including Mike Casey, Sonya Dawson, Lorena & Joel Dunlap, Nina Hassele, Chris Hill, Reagan Johns, Rick Liberto, Trish Marcus & the Ramirez Family, Brad Parman & Tim Seeliger, Patricia Ruiz-Healy, Ethel Shipton & Nate Cassie, Don Thomas & Lara Flynn Boyle and The Family & Friends of Peter Zubiate.

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