Photo by Thomas Cummins

Housed in the same residential structure as Sala Diaz, The Casa Chuck Residency is an invitational program through which the organization provides critics, curators and writers a haven for varied creative pursuits. Initiated in 2011, the residency honors the legacy of visionary artist, arts advocate, cultural maven and bon vivant Chuck Ramirez who died the previous year. Residents spend one month living in Ramirez’ former abode, exploring and interacting with the surrounding arts community. The residency’s primary goals are to preserve Ramirez’ home as a site of social connectivity and cultural exchange, to foster the careers of exceptional individuals working in the contemporary arts and to generate meaningful and lasting interchange between San Antonio and creative communities abroad. In-between official residencies, Casa Chuck hosts a wide array of arts professionals including critics, curators, musicians, scholars and visual artists.

Casa Chuck Advisory Board: Claudia Arozqueta, Anjali Gupta, Barbara Perea, Chris Sauter & Jennifer Teets