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Sala Diaz is pleased to announce our 2019 Casa Chuck Resident, the inimitable Heyd Fontenot. An artist and curator, Heyd’s five-year run as Director and Chief Curator of CentralTrak in Dallas (2011-2016) is lauded as the most dynamic period in the institution’s history. He will bring the same cheerfully chaotic ethos to San Antonio with an unorthodox series of artist-driven events and community building activities in lieu of traditional studio visits. The project culminates in fall of 2020, with an exhibition at Blue Star Contemporary. 

Introducing The Lodge of Saint Reborlaro, a communal and collaborative space courtesy of Heyd Fontenot. Beginning in mid-October, Sala Diaz, Casa Chuck and our communal back yard will be available to those who crave creative, intellectual and spiritual connection. Inspired by the urgency for artists and thinkers to intimately interact, Fontenot recognizes an opportunity to provide a literal address for community building. This incubator—fashioned after artists’ salons, fraternal orders, service organizations and country churches—provides space for casual but meaningful exchange. 

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Firmly existing within the Bible Belt, much of San Antonio’s population find solace and fellowship at their various houses of worship. Citizens without a particular attachment to religious dogma or affiliation are now offered, through this project, a comparable invitation to regularly gather, sharing the company of both like-minded and challenging individuals. As the nature of experiments go, the benefits and successes born of this shared physical space (contrasting social media’s virtual interactions) will be revealed throughout this multi-season project. Your participation—great and small—is both welcomed and essential. As a resident or visitor to San Antonio, you are hereby solicited to make The Lodge of Saint Reborlaro a part of your own artistic, intellection, social and spiritual practice. You may choose an activity from the list below or do something entirely of your own impulse.  
We only ask that you:
1) in accordance with camping rules, respect “The Lodge” by leaving the space as you found it before your visit (or better) 
2) take responsibility for your guests  
3) obey the laws of the State of Texas
4) do no harm

Suggested participant-driven activities:
Host a weekly film screening  
Organize a discussion on contemporary art with a guest speaker or multi-person panel
Start a book club
Hold a critique of easily transportable works
Acoustic musical performances
Workshop to help artists write more effective personal statements
Dramatic readings from the Mueller Report
Dream interpretation, poetry or short fiction readings
Fluxus or surrealists gaming prompts  
Open-mic blasphemy with laugh track and thunder sound effects
Block happy hour for neighborhood businesses/neighbors
Séance, tarot reading, ouija board divining
Tidy and easily maintained craft activities 
Spa day, foot baths, hair braiding and affirmations
Pamphlet production workshops, fashioned after Chick tracts, counter propaganda promoting useful scientific information, love & acceptance
Slumber party with ghost stories based on the Old Testament 
Workshop to develop secret handshakes, rituals and imagery to contribute to the mystique of The Lodge of Saint Reborlaro


Sala Diaz, a 501(c) 3 exhibition space, is an experimental venue for contemporary art established in 1995. Located in the heart of the Cultural Arts District, Sala Diaz provides a unique venue for the exhibition of new and challenging work and fosters lasting exchange between our city and creative communities abroad. Housed in the same residential structure as the gallery, The Casa Chuck Residency is an invitational program through which Sala Diaz provides critics, curators and writers a haven for varied creative pursuits. Initiated in 2011, the residency honors the legacy of visionary artist, arts advocate, cultural maven and bon vivant Chuck Ramirez who died the previous year. Official residents spend one month living in Ramirez’ former abode, exploring and interacting with the surrounding arts community. Sala/Casa hosts a wide array of arts professionals in-between residencies including critics, curators, filmmakers, musicians, scholars and visual artists.

Sala Diaz is supported by H-E-B's Community Investment Program, The Lifschutz Foundation, The Smothers Foundation and numerous individuals including Mike Casey, Sonya Dawson, Alejandro Diaz, Lorena & Joel Dunlap, Nina Hassele, Stacey Hill, Reagan Johns, Trish Marcus & the Ramirez Family, Chris Sauter, Patty Ortiz, Brad Parman & Tim Seeliger, Patricia Ruiz-Healy, Ethel Shipton, Don Thomas & Lara Flynn Boyle and The Family & Friends of Peter Zubiate.

Portrait by Leon Alesi


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