STERLING ALLEN: SHADOWY & STILL  APRIL 30 - interrupted by fire


In Shadowy and Still, I continue to explore my interest in the relationship between sculpture and photography. The exhibition’s title references what a lot of sculpture is—static objects that take up space. It also speaks to photography and the way in which an image is captured, frozen in time and articulated with lights and darks. In essence, I’m creating three-dimensional objects that operate under the oppressive influence of photography. How does the way that the camera views an object in space differ from how a person views the very same object in the very same setting? How does color call attention to form and light? Can it defy or substantiate volume? The installation, made up of sculptures, photographs and site-specific interventions, seeks to both surprise and trouble the viewer by posing these questions. The materials and the way in which color is used clearly reference the world outside the gallery, leaving the viewer with a heightened sensitivity to the intricacies of objects that they encounter every day.



Sterling Allen (Austin, Texas) holds an MFA in Sculpture from the Milton Avery Graduate School of Arts at Bard College. He is a co-founder and co-director of Okay Mountain, an artist collective and former gallery based in Austin. As a solo artist and in collaboration with Okay Mountain, he has exhibited and completed projects at venues throughout the United States and received several residencies including the Artpace International Artist-In-Residence Program in San Antonio. He is currently an Assistant Professor in Studio Art at Texas State University.

Sterling's opening on April 30th is generously sponsored by Pura Vida Tequila

Special thanks to Andy Coolquit & Reagan Johns 


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